Cute Stray Kitten Climbs on a Cyclist’s Back and Doesn’t Want to Let Go

When a cat sets her mind (or sights) on something, that one is a locked target. Stray kittens dream of a loving and warm home, and some of them are ready to do everything in their power. Like the kitten you can see on the picture. It climbed on the cyclist’s back all by itself and didn’t want to let go. Luckily for the cute kitten, its efforts were recognized – it got itself a new home.

Picking a Cat Lover from the Crowd

The human the kitten picked is Madison Kelly, a professional cyclist from Michigan. Aside from being a competitive cyclist, she also is a cat lover. Madison already had a cat named Kitsy who’s going strong at 19 years. Still, it was clear to Madison that Kitsy won’t be around forever, yet she couldn’t take another cat in. But, fate had other plans.

After finishing a cycling section, she was approached by two colleagues who were holding a dirty, but cute cat. They said they found it behind a car meowing for attention. When the kitten saw Madison, it immediately climbed on her shoulder. For all her tries, she couldn’t get rid of the cat, so she decided to bring it home, unaware what to do with it.

“I may not have won the marathon, but I won the company of a cute kitten,” said Madison with a smile. The kitten was very playful and she named it Puig. She initially though to take it to a shelter, but she didn’t have the heart to do that.

In the following months, Kitsy passed away, and Puig was there to console Madison. She even decided to adopt another cat to keep him company, and it all turned out great for everyone. Puig’s new buddy is called Waffle, and she’s as sweet as the dessert itself.