This Dad Surprises His Daughter with Not One, but TWO Kittens on Her Birthday – Her Reaction is Beyond Adorable!

A young girl received an unforgettable birthday surprise when her father presented her with not just one, but two kittens, despite previously insisting she couldn’t have any.

kid cry from happines

Seven-year-old Robyn Metcalfe couldn’t contain her joy as she discovered a lovable kitten tucked away inside a box in her family’s living room in Widnes, Cheshire. Overwhelmed with emotion, the little girl was soon brought to tears—only to be amazed by the appearance of yet another kitten.

kid holding kittens

Ian Metcalfe, Robyn’s 32-year-old father, documented the heartwarming moment, revealing, “Robyn has been asking for a kitten for the past 18 months since our last kitten, Mickey, passed away. She kept asking, but I kept saying no, so she called me grumpy. I had to maintain the grumpy persona for nine weeks to keep the surprise a secret.”

girl with kittens

Ian continued, “A family friend’s cat gave birth to four kittens nine weeks ago, and they were searching for new homes for them. My wife, Lauren, and I didn’t initially plan on adopting two kittens, but we both fell in love with one each and couldn’t decide which to choose.”

kid with 2 kittens

Surprising Robyn with the kittens proved to be an emotional and thrilling experience for the entire family. “She was so overwhelmed that she cried for 20 minutes and repeatedly thanked us,” Ian shared.

Robyn has since become inseparable from her feline friends and has taken on the role of a loving, attentive caregiver.

Source: Yahoo News