Daring NYC Train Track Rescue: How a Tiny Orange Kitten Captured Hearts & Found a Home

While waiting for her train at a bustling New York City station, Kristine Malone’s attention was captured by a faint, desperate cry. Initially, all that met her gaze were the cold steel rails and the stony gravel of the tracks. However, a closer look revealed a tiny tuft of orange fur, tucked nervously against a stone barricade.

kitten on rails

Every time the little creature cried out, Malone’s heart tugged. Recognizing the urgency, she took to social media, sending out a digital SOS. Her call was promptly answered by John Debacker, the vice president of Long Island Cat/Kitten Solution, Inc.

John, seasoned in the art of animal rescue, knew this wouldn’t be straightforward. On reaching the site, he faced even more challenges than anticipated. “Reaching the kitten amidst the tracks was a challenge,” shared Debacker in a chat with Tweetcat. “The dilemma was rescuing him without putting ourselves in harm’s way.”

kitten on train station

Luck was on their side. Two Metro-North police officers, both animal enthusiasts, came to their aid. With safety being paramount, the officers halted the power, making it safe to venture onto the tracks.

With utmost care, Debacker and his team neared the kitten, ensuring they didn’t alarm it. In a fluid motion, the feline was enveloped in a rescue net, marking the end of his ordeal.

rescue kitten

In his many years as a rescuer, Debacker had seen countless kittens, but this orange furball stood out. “Despite his initial fear, he showed an immediate affection,” recalled Debacker. Gratefully, he named the kitten Metro and arranged for a brief stay at the local animal shelter, Last Hope, Inc.

team that rescued the kitten

The story comes full circle a few weeks later. Moved by the kitten’s ordeal and resilience, Kristine Malone, the very woman who discovered him, visited Metro at the shelter. The connection was instant, leading her to adopt him. Today, Metro enjoys a blissful life with Malone and her daughter, a stone’s throw away from the tracks that once posed a threat.

cute kitten