Tiny Rescue Kitten is Scared of Everything and Everyone Until She Meets One Girl

Rescue kittens are often aggressive because they’re scared. And rightfully so, considering what some of them go through. Baja is one such kitten. She has had a pretty rough start to life, but she’ll live the rest properly thanks to one girl.

The tiny kitten was frightened when she moved to a foster home. She had fear in her eyes, but one little girl was determined to let her know what love is. Baja was one of three kittens saved from the street along their feral mom, Luna. They were taken by a fosterer from the Kitten Angels Mayfield shelter named April. The kittens were nervous and wouldn’t let anyone get close. They scratched April, but she gave them a few hours to adapt.

April’s daughter, Emmy, grew up with all kinds of animals at home. April is trained in taming feral cats. She says there’s no unhandable cat – they all get better sooner or later with the right approach and a lot of love. Emmy started helping her mom from a young age, and that’s been the case with this trio of kittens.

Baja was very scared unless Emmy was beside her. She relaxed around her and she showed the poor kitty with love and attention. Those cuddles eventually helped, and April saw that they bonded with Baja in a unique way. From a terrified kitty, Baja blossomed into a cuddle bug with the help of Emmy.

Love can heal anyone and anything, and this is further proof of it.

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