Deformed Kitten with Bent Paws Gets a Second Chance at Life and Lives It to the Fullest

Deformed kitties rarely get a chance for a normal life. Most people would never adopt a deformed cat, no matter how cute and cuddly it is. However, there are still people with a great heart, and that’s the kind of story we have for you today.

Anna Dickerson-Homan is a volunteer animal rescuer based in Higgins Lake, Michigan. One day while working at her farm, Anna found a kitten with bent paws in the barn. She had a brother with her and both were in need of help. The kittens were dirty and covered in fleas despite the obvious problem the smaller had with the bent paws.

Immediate Help

Anna wasted no time to help the kittens. She first put out food and water and they ate properly. Then it was time for a bath and some flea treatment. In the end, she put them on a soft cushion bed and they fell asleep at once.

Both kitties were born with Manx Syndrome. It’s a difficult condition in which kittens are born without a tail and with spinal defects. Despite the bent paws, however, Lisa the tabby was just as happy as any other cat.

After a good night of sleep, Lisa and her brother were completely different cats in the morning. They started playing and running around, obviously happy that someone took care of them. Lisa let nothing stop her. Her legs may be bent, but she’s got the spirit of a healthy cat.

She follows her brother everywhere around the home and amazed Anna with her resolve. Her foster mom took her to the vet for treatment on the bent paws. Day by day and week after week, she overcame all hurdles like a champ.

The brother and sister are having a great time in their foster home and doing great so far. They will soon be adopted, and we hope they find a loving home – they truly deserve it.