Energetic Young Cat Frustrates Older Resident Pets, Finds Friendship with Arrival of New Kitten

Bringing Joy Back Home: Our Journey with Inde and Ellie

Finding Inde: A New Beginning


A year after the heartache of losing our cherished cat Chloe, my partner and I felt the void in our home. We longed to fill this emptiness and decided to visit our local animal shelter, hoping to find a new furry family member. Amidst the numerous cats at the shelter, one stood out dramatically. As we passed her cage, she meowed loudly, almost as if saying, “Hey you! I despise this place. Take me home!” This feisty feline, neither overly affectionate nor timid but clearly determined to leave, won our hearts. She even climbed onto my partner’s head, trying to escape over the partition! We couldn’t resist such a unique character and adopted her, naming her Independence, or Inde for short.

Adjusting at Home: The Challenge of Blending Personalities

Back home, Inde joined our two other cats, who were not as enthusiastic about her youthful energy. Our 14-year-old cat, Chesney, proclaimed, “I’m too old to play,” while 9-year-old Lilith declared, “I’m too proper for such activities.”

Despite their initial reluctance, Inde’s lively spirit was undeniable. Then, an unexpected addition came into our lives. One night, my partner, while driving her taxi, encountered a tiny gray kitten darting from under a car. The little one, approximately four weeks old and far too young to be alone, tried to climb into the taxi. We couldn’t leave her stranded, so we welcomed Eleanor Roosevelt, affectionately known as Ellie, into our family.

A Perfect Match: Inde and Ellie’s Unbreakable Bond

The introduction of Ellie was a game-changer. Inde and Ellie instantly formed an unbreakable bond, filling our apartment with the delightful sounds of their playful chases and wrestling matches.

It was clear that Inde was overjoyed to have a companion like Ellie, who matched her energy and enthusiasm for life. Their companionship brought a renewed sense of joy and liveliness to our home, proving that sometimes, the addition of new family members can bring healing and happiness in the most unexpected ways. Inde’s and Ellie’s journey in our family is a testament to the power of love and the joy pets can bring into our lives.