Fluffy Kitten Grows Slowly Compared to Littermates, But Finds Love in a New Home

The Unique Growth Pattern of Widdle the Kitten

Cats come in various shapes and sizes, with most kittens following a typical growth pattern, doubling their weight within five days after birth. However, Widdle, a kitten from New Zealand, defied this norm, exhibiting an unusually slow growth rate.


The Rescue of Widdle and His Littermates from a Dangerous Neighborhood

Born in a perilous neighborhood, Widdle and his four siblings faced an uncertain future. Fortunately, help arrived just in time, as the kittens were rescued and placed in a temporary foster home. This crucial intervention ensured their safety and well-being in the crucial early days of their lives.

tiny kitten

Foster Care Journey: Jessie’s Remarkable Bond with Widdle

Jessie, the teenager who found the kittens, took them in after they had spent some time in the temporary foster home. Having recently lost her cat, Jessie was eager to welcome new feline companions into her life. She took in Widdle, the other kittens, and their mother, quickly noticing Widdle’s smaller size compared to his littermates.

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Widdle’s Small Size and Joyful Personality

Despite his slow growth, Widdle continued to thrive in Jessie’s care. At five months old, he weighed only 900 grams, equivalent to a 9-week-old kitten. The reason for his slow development remains unknown, but Widdle receives proper care, including nutritional supplements tailored to his needs. His small stature doesn’t hold him back from being an adorable, loving, and playful kitten, endearing himself to all who meet him.

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A Foster Fail Becomes a Forever Home Success Story

Jessie initially planned to care for Widdle and his siblings temporarily. However, she couldn’t resist Widdle’s charm, labeling him a “foster fail” as she made the decision to keep him permanently. In his forever home, Widdle continues to enchant everyone with his unique growth journey, proving that even the smallest of kittens can bring immense joy and happiness to those who love them.