Foster Cat Hildy Talks With Her Kittens

Doug and Sharon are cat lovers and for many years they have been just the most amazing foster parents to many many needy kittens and cats. In this video you are about to see just below, you will meet mama cat Hildy just having a nice little chat with her wee ones who are hanging out on Doug’s lap.

Doug states: “Mama cat Hildy has a sweet conversation with her kittens while some of them are having a lap visit with their foster dad. We are fostering 2 year old Hildy & her 6 week old kittens for VOKRA who rescued them from a bike shed in Vancouver, BC, Canada.”

We believe a huge ‘thank you‘ is in order for VOKRA for the work they do not just with Hildy and her babies but all other kitties as well.

We hope you enjoy this cute little video! Let us know what you think of it in a Facebook comment!