Grieving Mama Cat Gets The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Ember truly deserves more cuddles than ever this Mother’s Day.

This mama cat, who lost her own babies to a severe illness, stepped right in to care for a single newborn kitten that made its way to the Atlanta Humane Society on Sunday — and all thanks to her, the kitten has a future.

The single newborn kitten, named Flame, was terribly sick when he was brought to the humane society over the weekend — too tiny to survive on his own, he needed 24-hour care and an immediate foster home. And so, one foster parent answered the call — despite being in the middle of an Atlanta Braves game — and she rushed to the shelter’s Mansell Campus in Alpharetta to tend to the needy wee one.

With a grieving mother available and a cute newborn in need, there was a way both could benefit.

“The quick-thinking Atlanta Humane Society staff thought to put the baby in with Ember and see what happened,” states Robyn Faintich, foster mom to both Ember and Flame. “It was an immediate bond. Ember started to groom Flame and Flame started to purr. They are absolutely bonded. They clearly needed each other.”

Ember immediately treated the tiny kitten as her own, grooming him, cuddling him (see the adorable video above!) and, thankfully, allowing him to nurse.

This ‘arrangement’ probably saved them both.

“Two lives were changed forever, just in time for Mother’s Day,” Christina Hill, who is director of marketing and communications for the shelter, says in an email. “With Ember grieving the loss of her kittens and Flame with the loss of his mother, the two were destined to become their own little family.”