Mama Cat Retrieves Toy For Her Kitten

This kitty video is just about as cute as they come!

In the clip at the bottom, you will see a cute little furry that has spotted her favorite toy on the shelf but it’s just too darn high up for her to reach. Suddenly, along comes mama and she immediately realizes something isn’t quite right because her wee one is making such a fuss about something.

That’s just when something magical happens: the kitten begins to meow to her mama as if saying: “Hey mama, please get my toy down for me Meow!” And, of course, the mama cat responds in the way that any good mother would – she jumps up and retrieves the blue feather toy for her baby.

This is such a great video because it shows how just intuitive mother cats are when it comes to looking after the little ones in her care. It also shows that even mama cats know that sometimes – the wee ones just need a fun toy to play with! Enjoy!