Mama Cat Knocks Her Kitten Into Box With A Swipe Of Her Paw Because Kitten Took Too Long

You are about to see the adorable moment a mother cat pushes her kitten into a cardboard box after impatiently watching the newborn fail to make the jump. The amusing footage which is believed to have been taken in Nanchang City, China, clearly shows the newborn feline carefully assessing the drop – which seems to be only a few inches – from the edge of the cardboard container.

However, the little cat’s three-year-old mother is seen watching impatiently as her baby fails to take the leap. She then gives her wee one a little push, which sends her tumbling into a padded tin container within the cardboard box. Before the mother cat nudged her baby into the box, the person filming the whole incident can be seen adjusting the metal container, moving it closer to the kitten to soften the fall.

The ginger and white mother watches from her miniature stool as the mostly ginger kitten meows while dangling off of the edge of the box. A swift yet seemingly gentle paw to the newborn’s rear flips it over, sending the cat tumbling on to what appears to be a rolled-up flannel inside the tin container. The video clip was to have been filmed somewhere in southern China’s Jiangxi Province on May 14.