Lady Saves a Kitten Thrown in a Bag and It Instantly Finds a Home in Her Heart

Some people are just beyond cruel. We’re shocked to see them leaving on the street, but some monsters have the heart to put kittens in bags and leave them to die. If it wasn’t for a woman from Quebec, Canada, one kitten would have suffered the same fate.

The kitten was brought to the One Cat at a Time shelter by a kind lady who said she found it in a bag outside her home. There was a big storm and the kitten would have drowned. After hearing faint meows, she opened the bag and to her surprise, there was a tiny scared kitten inside.

She immediately brought it to the shelter where it was checked for any health problems. To make matters worse, the kitten looked unstable, and was later diagnosed with a condition known as ataxia. It’s a neurological problem that makes her unsteady, and was probably the reason why the monster left the kitten to die.

Other Health Problems Too

The kitten also suffered from an eye condition, but it was otherwise pretty healthy. They named it Stormy and she quickly found a way into the hearts of the shelter’s staff. One of the group, Jade, a veterinary technician, was very fond of Stormy. They snuggled all day long while the kitten was recovering from therapies.

In a few days, Stormy went to a foster home, but Jade simply couldn’t stop thinking about it. In the next few weeks, Stormy continued healing. It made strides toward getting healthier, even though the ataxia was going away – there’s no cure for it. Despite the many medical issues, Jade decided to adopt Stormy.

The process went smooth and now the kitten has a loving home and mom, just like it deserves. Once abandoned and left to die in a bag, the poor kitten now has all the help it needs. It warms our heart that there are people like Jade ready and willing to help those in need.

We wish them all the luck, health, and happiness in the world.