Homeless Cat Finds a Job in a Nursing Home That Completely Turns His Fortunes Around

Cats and dogs can’t get jobs. They are animals with no sense of responsibility, but every once in a while, the Internet is shocked to learn about a cat who got a job. The latest one comes from Cleveland, Ohio, where a local cat called Oreo went from jobless to a nursing home position pretty soon.

Oreo was living on the streets until she was brought to the St. Augustine Health Ministries in Cleveland. The cat’s unique fur patterns and her love for cuddles made her an instant favorite among the staff. They consider her family and decided to put the kitty on the front desk to greet visitors and help the employees.

The staff and visitors love Oreo. Everyone’s amazed at how great of a job the cat’s doing. There’s no word on the pay yet, but we’re sure Oreo makes just enough for a normal cat life.

Check out pics and a video of Oreo doing what she does best: