Hope the Kitty Finds What He’s Looking For – This Poor Cat’s Face will Break Your Heart

Some cats have a life everyone would want to. They lazy around all day long and get food and pats. We kind of envy them, but we’re also very disappointed that not all pets get the same treatment. This ginger cat you can see on the pics is proof of it.

Of all the cats on the Internet, this one has the saddest face. To make things worse, no one knows why. The cat was posted online by Floriane Lavellan, a woman from Belgium who spotted it in her neighborhood while out on a walk. She tried getting the cat to her so she can help him, but he was shy and reluctant to come close.

She says that she’s never seen a cat look so sad. She felt sorry that he’s so sad, and would gladly pet the cat and feed it if it makes him happy. She really likes the cat and hopes to see him soon again. While she understands that it may not be sad, the expression on his face broke her heart.

What do you think happened to this poor kitty?