Instead of Waiting for a Good Samaritan to Adopt It, a Stray Cat Finds and Picks His New Owner

Stray cats have it rough. They live outside unprotected from anything, and many of them unfortunately don’t make it through a winter. No one ever really adopts cats from the street unless they’re brought to a shelter. However, one cat decided to find her own human instead of waiting for years to be adopted.

Meet Leo, a Stray from Ankara

Leo is a stray cat from Turkey’s capital Ankara who surprisingly found his new human himself. While most cats can do nothing to get adopted, Leo decided to choose his human on his own. Instead of waiting for adoption like others, he decided to take matters into his own paws.

One day, an animal rescuer found Leo and decided to give him some food. However, the cat had other ideas. Leo decided not to live the street life anymore, climbing on the hood of the woman’s car and jumping on the driver’s seat through the open window. It was clear that the cat was begging to be taken home, and luckily for Leo, she couldn’t say no.

After a quick check-up at a vet, the animal rescuer adopted Leo. They now spend their days together and in harmony, providing a happy ending to the tale that could have ended otherwise.

Check out a video of Leo’s ‘adoption’: