Is That a Kitty or a Racoon? Rescued Kitten Has Unusual Fur Pattern and Color

Hey Internet, meet Janie. While she may look like a racoon to many, it’s just a kitten with an unusual fur color and pattern. Janie was saved from a life on the streets and certain death a while ago. Her silver fur definitely played a part in it, as she looks more like a baby racoon than a kitten.

Janie was found abandoned on the road in Ontario a couple of months ago. The people who saved her got her to the Tiny but Might Rescue Center. It was left in the sun and her paws were a bit sunburnt, but otherwise, the kitten was in solid shape. The poor kitten was saved when it was just a day old, and she’s grown into a beautiful racoon…ugh, cat now at 8 months of age.

After being brought to the center, the kitten was kept in an incubator for a couple of weeks. It was then introduced to a nursing cat called June who accepted Janie as one of her own. Under the love of June and the care of the staff at the center, Janie grew into a beautiful racoon…sorry again – a beautiful kitten!

Her unique silver coat is a result of a phenomenon known as fever coat. It occurs when the momma cat is ill when the babies are born. Luckily, it’s not an indicator of any kind of disease – it just gives Janie a unique look which we love.