Kitten Discovered in Mailbox on Sweltering Day Regains Sight Through Abundant Love and Care

A Surprising Discovery on a Hot Summer Day

On a scorching summer day in West Virginia, an animal shelter worker stumbled upon a tiny kitten in the facility’s mailbox. Realizing the urgency of the situation, she sprang into action, knowing the fragile kitten needed immediate help.

Kitten Discovered in Mailbox

The Kitten’s Dire Condition

A mere three weeks old, the kitten was in terrible shape. He was dehydrated, malnourished, and flea-infested, with an infected eye that was sealed shut. Additionally, he was plagued with constipation and a urinary tract infection. Desperate to save the kitten’s eyesight and nurse him back to health, the shelter worker reached out to Operation Fancy Free in Evans, WV.

cute kitten

Nestle’s Journey to Recovery

Operation Fancy Free took the kitten under their wing and named him Nestle. They provided the much-needed medical attention and nourishment that Nestle required. Despite the infection’s threat to his eye, the team remained determined to fight it off.

Signs of Improvement

Within a few days, Nestle began to gain weight and showed increasing signs of vitality. He quickly learned to play with toys and became more active. Nestle eventually gained the strength to eat and eliminate waste without assistance or discomfort. His eye, too, began to heal. “He’s a champion fighter, and that will help him survive this,” said Nestle’s rescuer.

A Testament to the Power of Love and Care

Nestle’s miraculous recovery is a shining example of how love, care, and dedication can turn an animal’s life around. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the shelter worker and Operation Fancy Free, Nestle now has a second chance at a happy and healthy life.