Kitten Is Amazed to Find a Best New Buddy at her Porch – It Can’t Contain its Excitement

We’ve all seen videos of two different animal species meeting each other for the first time. Sometimes they’re scared, other times they’re amazed by the new buddy. This encounter falls into the second group. It was all caught on video by the owner of the kitten who can’t contain its excitement after meeting a baby deer for the first time on the porch.

As Amazed as You Would Be

We completely understand the kitten – who wouldn’t be amazed after seeing a baby deer? The cute kitten was caught on video curiously getting close to the baby deer, not hiding its excitement. While baby deer are notoriously jumpy and scared, this one was pretty cool about meeting a best bud. It just sat still while the kitten goes around it and sniffing his new bud.

The kitten was obviously impressed and couldn’t hide the excitement at all. Named Miro, it’s super cute and sweet, and its personality was on full display on the porch.

While many asked if the fawn was abandoned by his mom, in the end, it ran away with his mom in the nearby forest. Watch the cute video below: