Kitten with a Rare Heart Condition and Slim Chances Beats the Odds and Walks On Its Own

It breaks our hearts that some kittens are born with rare diseases that can make their lives living hell. From time to time, though, some kittens gather the strength to beat the odds. This article chronicles the story of Myrtle the kitten.

She was born in a litter of five to a rescue cat in the One Cat At a Time shelter in Quebec. Out of the five kittens, Myrtle was the one not feeding properly. She was underweight and malnourished, and couldn’t latch on properly. The staff supplemented that with a syringe full of milk, but it didn’t make a big difference.

For a few weeks, Myrtle barely held on. After a week, they noticed that the poor kitty can’t use its back legs properly. However, she continued fighting and held on. She was smaller than the siblings and the last to open her eyes.

When Myrtle went for the first vet check-up, they discovered a heart murmur that required special attention. It turned out to be a congenital defect, and a very rare one at that. The vets believed that the best way for Myrtle to have a quality life would be heart surgery. She had it at four months, and it was quite a difficult surgery. The kitten was nearly lost, but miraculously, she survived.

Now for some great news – the recovery went perfectly. Now nine months old, Myrtle is a bit smaller, but otherwise in perfect shape. This powerful fighter is off the meds and everyone calls her the “miracle on four paws”. We’re so glad she never gave up, as she’s a kitten that surely deserved another chance.