Man Constructs a Feeding Apparatus That Necessitates His Cat to Forage for Dinner

Ingenious Cat Feeder: A Tech-Savvy Approach

Revolutionizing Cat Feeding: Ben Millam’s Innovative Creation

Ben Millam, a self-acknowledged cat enthusiast and technology geek, has transformed the daily routine of feeding his cat into an extraordinary adventure. His latest invention elevates the simple act of feeding to a remarkable new level, blending technology and feline psychology.

Training and Technology: The Perfect Combo

The heart of this innovation lies in a unique training process for his cat, Monkey. Ben cleverly integrated the use of RFID-tagged plastic balls, which are hidden around the house. Monkey, the curious and intelligent feline, is trained to search for these balls. Once found, Monkey deposits them into a specially designed machine. This ingenious feeder detects the ball and rewards Monkey with food.

The training process was meticulous and required immense patience. Utilizing ‘clicker’, a method that links a desired behavior with a distinctive click and a reward, Ben successfully taught Monkey the new feeding routine. Over time, Monkey learned to associate the effort of hunting for the balls with the satisfying outcome of receiving food.

A Deeper Understanding of Feline Behavior

Ben’s inspiration for this project stemmed from understanding the natural behaviors of cats. “I read an explanation of why cats repetitively explore the same areas. It’s partly to establish and survey their territory, but they’re also practicing ‘mobile’ hunting,” Ben explains.

He envisioned a scenario where Monkey, while on his territorial patrol, could actually ‘hunt’ for his food. This idea promises to bring indoor cats, like Monkey, closer to a more natural and fulfilling lifestyle.

Conclusion: A Step Towards Enhanced Feline Well-being

Ben’s creation is more than just a feeding mechanism; it’s a step towards enhancing the well-being of indoor cats. Providing them with an activity that mimics their natural hunting instincts, this feeder adds a layer of physical and mental stimulation to their indoor environment. The combination of technology and animal psychology not only showcases Ben’s innovative thinking but also his deep understanding and love for his feline companion.

Discover the full capabilities of this inventive feeder in the accompanying video, where you can witness Monkey’s new, engaging routine.