Man Spends 7 Long Hours Rescuing Litter Of Kittens Buried Under Pile Of Wood

When a man named Cliff heard some faint meowing coming from a pile of wood inside a dumpster, he just knew he needed to do something quickly. He spotted a helpless kitten hanging onto scraps of wood, trying to cry for help. He soon realized that there were even more kittens. Obviously, these kittens were in peril.

The first thing Cliff did was roll up his sleeves and get busy trying to rescue the poor kittens. He spent a total of 7 long and tedious hours digging down into piles of wood and steels just to save them. In the end, one of the kittens didn’t survive, however, the others were thankfully saved safely and were given the second chance at life they so desperately needed.

These poor, helpless kitties were actually so young that their eyes had just begun to open. They needed around-the-clock care and attention. Watching Over Whiskers, which is a rescue organization in Springfield, Missouri decided to take them in and cared for them.

The staffs over there at the rescue fed them and provided them with everything they needed to grow up healthy and strong. These wonderful little wee ones even get a brand new ‘mama’, a rescue cat by the name of Roxy. Roxy too great care of them each and every day. It wasn’t long before all the kittens were ready for adoption.

Be sure to watch the amazing rescue in the video clip just below: