Meet Omar: The Maine Coon Contender for the World’s Longest Cat

Omar, a Maine Coon from Melbourne, Australia, may just be the longest cat in the world. Weighing in at 14 kg (31 lbs), he’s three times the size of an average house cat and continues to grow.

A Giant Kitten:

Even as a kitten, Omar was already the size of a full-grown adult cat. His human, Stephy Hirst, couldn’t help but share photos of her fluffy Maine Coon on Instagram @omar_mainecoon. The account quickly attracted a large following, as people were amazed by Omar’s incredible size.

big domestic cat

Guinness World Records Takes Notice:

Omar’s fame caught the attention of the Guinness World Records, who believe he may be the world’s longest cat. They have yet to visit Omar for an official measurement, as he’s still growing and may yet break records.

Living with Canine Friends:

Omar shares his home with two sheltie dogs, who appear small compared to their massive feline companion. Stephy mentioned that Omar sleeps on the couch instead of the bed because he demands cuddles and pets throughout the night and takes up too much space.

home cat bigger than dog


Omar’s astonishing size and potential to become the world’s longest cat have captured the attention of both the internet and the Guinness World Records. As he continues to grow, this gentle giant remains a fascinating example of the Maine Coon breed.