Meet the Cat Who Brought Home a Kitten from Her Outdoor Adventure

Posey: The Cat that Adopted a Kitten

Almost a kitten herself when she found her forever home, Posey quickly became a cherished member of Claudia Wright’s family. Having raised and seen her three kittens find their own homes, the maternal void in Posey’s life led her to an unexpected decision.

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The Love for Adventure: Posey’s Outdoor Escapades

Posey, now a 4-year-old feline, maintained her love for occasional outdoor adventures despite no longer being a stray. One particular afternoon, Posey embarked on an extended journey, returning several hours later with a surprise guest. “Posey must have missed the company of a kitten and found one,” Wright shared with The Dodo.

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Meesy: The Newest Addition to the Family

During her excursion, Posey stumbled upon Meesy, a petite 7-week-old kitten. Overwhelmed with maternal instinct, Posey decided to bring Meesy back home. Wright revealed, “Meesy, the kitten, was a stranger to our neighborhood. After ensuring she didn’t belong to anyone else, we realized Meesy must have lost her mother, and Posey found her.”

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The Bond Between Posey and Meesy

Meesy, still needing to be bottle-fed, found comfort in Posey’s cuddles when not in Wright’s arms. Posey doted on Meesy, convincing Wright to officially make Meesy a part of their family. This chance encounter led to Meesy finding her forever home and cultivating a loving bond with Posey. “Their love for each other is undeniable,” Wright admitted. “They’ve indeed adopted each other.”

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