Men Joins His Cats to Watch Birds Together in a Heart-Melting Move

Cats love watching birds through windows. They can stand there for hours uninterrupted and enchanted by their air acrobatics. It’s even better when their owner joins, although rarely anyone does. However, a Reddit user recently posted pics of them watching birds together with their cats which became a viral post in a matter of hours.

The user, LooserbooB_24, shared a video of him watching birds flying outside a window with his beautiful black cat. The cat didn’t mind – as a matter of fact, it’s like it wanted the company. It was a beautiful moment of bonding, and to his surprise, many other users shared the same stories. As it seems, owners like watching birds with their cats, which we think is about the cutest thing you can do.

Watching birds is a great and relaxing pastime for both felines and humans. It’s one of those things that will reinforce the bond you have with your cat and help you relax a bit. The best of both worlds, really.