Momma Cat Helps Her Kitten with Bent Paws to Walk On Its Own

The kitten you can see on the picture was born with his tiny paws bent. It was a pain for him to walk, but with the help of his mother, it managed to go over every obstacle. The kitten was born in a litter of five in California, and was the only one with problems. Luckily, he had his mom to help her.

When the momma was found with her litter, they were brought to the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals. A foster family was already waiting on the kittens. The momma, Calliope and her kittens were sent to a foster home, and Dove, the runt of the litter, was obviously having problems due to the bent paws.

It was clear that Dove needed help and a little encouragement from mommy. Their foster mom, Angela, made sure they had some one-on-one time when the other kittens were asleep. Dove needed more nursing, and mommy obliged. With the new feeding arrangement, the kitten started growing soon.

Angela massaged her bent paws and made sure Dove was comfortable. The kitten didn’t know she had such a deformity. She was determined to be just like her siblings. Momma Calliope was always there to help with coos and literally talking to her kitty. It was just like she was encouraging her. The mom is super-protective and caring, checking in on her kitten all the time. She makes sure the kittens are clean and well-fed, and goes the extra mile for Dove.

It took Dove a bit longer to learn how to walk, but she’s doing great so far. With the help of her foster and her biological mums, Dove will have the life she deserves.