Will This Moustache and Goatee-Wearing Cat Ever Find a Loving Home?

Many of us would kill to have a unique pet cat. Well, it doesn’t get more unique than a cat with a moustache and goatee just like Pavlova. A stray that was taken in the RSPCA’s Middlesex branch, she’s among the most amazing cats we’ve seen.

Pavlova was fed by some people in a neighborhood she frequented who even made her a wooden shelter box. However, once it got cold over Christmas, it was clear she’ll need more help. The people contacted the shelter and she was taken in, being very timid when she arrived. Due to her unusual face markings, everyone at the RSPCA knew that she would be adopted in a heartbeat.

However, the striking cat has a problem – she’s very shy. Her new adopters would have to be very patient. She’s an independent cat who likes spending time outside alone, and that has to be taken into consideration as well.

Are you her new human? If you like a unique cat, it doesn’t get better than this. Contact the RSPCA now and set up a meet – you’ll surely love Pavlova’s fur and character.