From Tied to a Bush and Abandoned, Mustang the Kitten Embraces a Fresh Start

Mustang the Black Kitten’s Incredible Discovery

Some may believe black cats bring bad luck, but a young onyx kitten named Mustang recently found fortune smiling upon him. The 8-month-old was discovered in distress near the Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

Ford Employees Rescue Mustang from a Dire Situation

Mustang was found tied to a bush, a rope wrapped tightly around his neck. Ford employees located the abandoned kitten by following his cries to the picker bush where he was trapped. They named him Mustang in honor of his rescue location.

Mustang the Kitten

Mustang’s Journey to Recovery with Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit

Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit (FAMD) took Mustang in and began his healing process. Despite being on the road to recovery, Mustang’s initial condition was severe. The rope around his neck had cut so deep that maggots were eating the raw skin, necessitating surgical removal. FAMD paid for the surgery and offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to the person who abandoned Mustang.

A New Beginning Awaits Mustang

Mustang’s future now looks bright. A clinic employee who treated him plans to adopt him after he fully recovers. However, FAMD’s work extends beyond Mustang’s rescue.

Supporting FAMD and Offering Homes to Animals in Need

FAMD’s shelter is currently full, so they encourage those interested in adopting Mustang to consider providing another animal with a forever home. By adopting a rescue animal, you can help FAMD continue their mission to save and care for animals in need.

Mustang’s inspiring story highlights the impact of compassion and the importance of giving animals a second chance. Consider adopting a rescue animal and providing them with the love and care they deserve.