Neighbors Deeply Offended by Cat’s Name; Ask Her Owner to Change It

Now here’s an unusual story that shocked the cat Reddit world lately. A young couple in their mid-30s have asked their 85-year old neighbor to change her cat’s name. The reason? They think it’s inappropriate and you may think the same too when you read the cat’s name.

The granny never had any trouble with others, but after the new couple with a baby moved in, it didn’t take long before they demanded she renames her cat. The cat’s name is Kitty Sl**s, and you surely can’t wait to see the reason for that name. As her granddaughter explained in a Reddit post (the granny doesn’t know how to use a phone for that), it’s an homage to her late and unfaithful husband, who loved to play family with another woman down the road.

She’s quite vocal about her cat, calling her by name when she gets out. The neighbors didn’t like it, citing bad language and inappropriate influence on their baby. They tried involving other neighbors too, pushing them to sign an appeal to change the cat’s name to something less misogynistic.

The woman said no, but the neighbor said that the backyard was the only place where she feels safe breastfeeding outside. She doesn’t want to hear those nasty words that hurt women. We’ve yet to see how this story plays out and will update you when it does.