New UK Law Gives Tenants Rights to Own Cats and Dogs, Makes Landlords Furious

UK landlords are infuriated over a new controversial law that will give tenants the right to have cats and dogs. So far, the law on tenants and pets was unclear, so anyone moving in a rented apartment or a house had to give up their beloved pets. All of that is going to change soon, and landlords can’t do anything about it.

MP Andrew Rosindell is the most vocal supporter of the new law. He’s been in talks with landlords over the new bill, calming them down by letting them know that it doesn’t mean tenants will have unconditional rights to pets. However, those who pass a responsible ownership test and ensure that their pets are vaccinated, microchipped, and can follow basic commands get to rightfully keep their pets in their new home.

It’s the law many people have been waiting for. The bill will include measures that ensure the pets are suitable for any type of accommodation. The no-pet clause is finally going away, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Landlords are furious about it and want guarantees to cover extra cost and damages that may arise. However, there’s no word on that for the moment as the bill is still ‘under construction’.