Orphan Kittens Miss Their Mom the Most, but They Find Solace in a Dog Who Adores Cats

If you ask us, the number of kitten orphans in the world is too da*n high. No kitten should be without his mom, but unfortunately, that’s often the case. On a positive side, some orphan kittens manage to find new moms who accept them as one of their own.

Last month, a litter of five kittens abandoned on the street were bought to AWLA in Virginia. Asa, a volunteer at the rescue center, decided to foster them. They’ve been super-friendly with her from the beginning, all five of them curling on her lap for their naps. She named the two boys Mr. Bean and Joe and the three girls Ines, Cappuccino, and Miss Tash.

The shelter had an 8-year old dog resident named Kona who instantly caught a whiff of the new occupants. Kona doesn’t understand the dog-cat rivalry. She loves playing with kittens and she welcomed the new litter right away. More importantly, her motherly instinct kicked in, and she would always follow the kittens around. They missed their mom, so it was a match made in heaven.

Eventually, she became their kitten momma. They needed all the love they could get and Kona had plenty to give. Watch the video of the orphan kittens and their surrogate mom but watch out – it can melt your heart!