Persistent Extra-Toed Orange Cat Finds Loving Home After Adopting a Porch as His Own

An Unexpected Visitor

A charming orange tabby cat with unique extra toes wandered onto a Staten Island resident’s porch in New York, hoping to find a new home. The persistent feline repeatedly appeared on the porch, curiously peering into the house through the glass door.

cat on porch

Generosity and a Special Discovery

The compassionate homeowner couldn’t resist offering the cat some food, and soon discovered the feline’s special extra toes on its front paws. This polydactyl cat kept returning for more food, becoming increasingly comfortable with its new surroundings. It quickly became apparent that this friendly feline had no home and had been living outdoors for quite some time.


A Clever Plan

Determined to find shelter, the clever tabby patiently waited on the porch for the perfect opportunity to enter the house. When the door finally opened one day, the cat confidently walked inside, ready to bid farewell to its outdoor existence.


Seeking Help for the Tabby

Unfortunately, the homeowner suffered from allergies and couldn’t keep the cat indoors. They reached out to a local animal rescue organization, Little Wanderers NYC, for assistance.

friendly cat

Rescued and Welcomed

Eager to help, volunteers from the rescue group quickly responded to the homeowner’s call. Upon arriving, they found a sweet, friendly tabby cat seeking affection and head scratches. The cat, named Ernie by his foster parent Amanda, instantly made a positive impression in his new home.

A New Life Indoors

After exploring his new surroundings, Ernie settled down on the floor, contently stretching his extra-toed paws and purring. Amanda shared with Love Meow, “Ernie is so grateful to be indoors. He was super snuggly right off the bat – purring, head-butting, making biscuits, giving kisses, the works.”

cat relaxing in bed

Ernie’s Bright Future

Ernie couldn’t be happier with his new life as an indoor cat, complete with a roof over his head, good food, soft things, and loving humans. The affectionate feline has a lot of love to give and has quickly made himself at home in his foster environment. Although not yet ready to mingle with other feline residents, Ernie is content, spending his days napping and gazing out the window. Amanda believes that once Ernie gains some weight, he’ll become a gentle giant.

The Power of a Caring Community

Thanks to the combined efforts of the homeowner, Little Wanderers NYC, and foster mom Amanda, this once-abandoned orange tabby has transformed into a happy house cat with a promising future. Ernie’s story serves as a reminder that it often takes a village to save a life, and every rescue effort can make a difference.