Pet Cat Goes Missing on the Streets, Then Comes Back With a Receipt for 3 Fish

Cats are cute and cuddly when they want to, but they also love freedom. Unlike dogs, you can’t just keep them in one place or in your yard. A cat will always find a way to get outside, and in most cases, they return after a stroll.

Sometimes, however, days may pass before they return. That’s the story of a Thai cat who went missing one day, only to return 3 days later. That’s not the most peculiar part of the story. When the cat returned, it came back with something that the owner didn’t expect.

A Receipt…for Mackerels?

The cat returned with a mysterious receipt that mentioned it was 3 mackerels in debt. Its owner photographed the cat with the note written in Thai language. It loosely translated to: “Your cat kept stacking my mackerels and I gave him three.” At the end of the note, the owner identified itself as Aunty May from alley no. 2.

Of course, as soon as the pic went online, it went viral. The owner wrote: “Lost the cat for 3 days, it returned with a debt. But she looks nice, right?”.

In just a couple of hours, the post received well over 1,000 likes. There were nearly 200 shares as well, so the cat surely charmed the Internet. Everyone was curious ti learn how the cat escaped and got the mackerels. Maybe next time the owner can attach a camera on it. It’ll surely be a wild adventure.