Tiny and Adorable Kittens Win Over the Heart of a Man Who’s Not a Cat or a Pet Person

Some people love cats, some like dogs. Then there are people who aren’t fond of either. It’s perfectly reasonable for a person to not want pets, although we’re sure that no one can say no to adorable kittens or pups. They have irresistible charm regardless if you’re a cat person or not. This is one such story where the charm of cats plays a central role.

The Power of Cats

Recently, a young girl found two abandoned kittens near her apartment complex. As soon as she found them, she got in touch with an animal rescuer named Nikki. The kittens were tiny and filthy and were in bad shape overall. They were brought to a doctor by Nikki and they were immediately put in therapy.

They needed a lot of nursing and love, and Nikki certainly provided all of that. He cuddled and played with them all day long and realized they shared a strong bond. When they were ready for adoption, he knew they both had to go in a new home.

Luckily, a woman saw the post shared by the rescue center and adopted both. She was looking for pets but was hesitant as her husband was not a cat or pet person at all. However, she already had names in mind – Astrid and Pippi – and adopted them both thanks to Nikki’s help.

When she brought them home, her husband was surprised. He didn’t like the idea, but it took only a day for the kittens’ charm to work. He converted instantly and became a cat guy, and gives them all the love and support they need while growing up.