Photographers Befriends all the Animals He Meets in the Wild

Allan Dixon is a wildlife photographer whose life is way cooler than yours. We’re sorry but that’s the truth. Called Animal Whisperer by his peers, Dixon befriends almost any animal he meets in the wild. Even better, he takes selfies with them, making for some of the coolest pictures on the world wide web.

The tradition started in 2015 when Dixon started traveling around the world to take pics of animals in their natural habitat. He tried taking selfies with some kangaroos and quokkas and it resulted in fantastic selfies. Six years later, he has hundreds of funny pics with animals that have taken the Internet by storm.

Kangaroos, Quokkas, Sea Lions, Camels – You Name it, He’s Got a Selfie with It

Mr. Dixon’s funny snaps have been a huge hit on the web, and a glance at some of them will tell you why. He seems to befriend all the animals it meets and it looks like they’re quite happy for the selfies too. Check the best selfies below and we’re sure you’ll hit Dixon’s social media Follow button.

As you should – that’s pure quality content.