RSPCA Delivers an Appeal After Saving a Poor Cat Found Dumped in a Bag and Left on the Street

Some people are cruel beyond our wildest imagination. They think nothing of pets, dropping them out to die in the street when they can’t care for them anymore or they simply lose interest. Some just leave them in an unfamiliar location, while others are evil, dumping cats or kittens in bags where they eventually suffocate to the death.

Luckily for a cat found in South Shore, the worst didn’t happen.

Dumped in a Bag

A cat was found dumped in a bag by the side of a house on Highfield Road in South Shore in February this year. It was found the house owners who immediately contacted the RSPCA. The cat was taken to the Fylde branch after a quick vet checkup revealed no major problems. It had an eye infection and was shocked and grubby, but was otherwise pretty healthy.

After a good meal, some water, and pats, the cat relaxed. The staff named him Belvedere and estimate that he’s about 8 years old. He was very happy to be among other people and gobbled down his meal right away. After Belvedere’s case, the RSPCA made a public plea for owners to seek help and advice from charities when they can’t care for their pets anymore.

This is becoming a serious problem, especially with older cats. People just dump them on the street as they age, leaving them to die. That’s not a high moral ground, and is a base for imprisonment. If you need help with your aging pet, contact the authorities – they will help in the best way possible.