Saddest Pic Ever – Heartbroken Cat Spends a Year Crying on His Owner’s Grave

All pets are heartbroken when their owners pass away. Sometimes, they can’t bear leaving their grave. One Indonesiand cat has refused to leave the grave of her owner for a full year, leaving the gravestone only to eat.

Surprisingly, she goes to her former home to be fed by the old lady’s children, then comes back at the grave and sits beside the blue headstone. It’s sad to see it this way, but the cat just doesn’t want to be adopted.

A passer-by named Keli Keningau Prayitno saw the cat often by the grave and tried to take it home. She was ok with it and was pretty calm, but it ran back to the grave as soon as it can. She sleeps on the grave every day and night, only going to her former home for food and water.

It’s an example of how deeply pets are connected to their owners, and that their love for us is never-ending.