Scruffy the Kitten Finds a Loving Forever Home After Being Found in a Truck Full of Rubbish

The number of cats that get lost and die on the streets without anyone noticing is too high these days. From time to time, however, we see a story about a cat that was lucky enough to survive the harsh reality on the streets. Scruffy the cat is the recent cat with such a story. He was abandoned as a kitten and managed to survive for a while, but if he wasn’t spotted by a driver of the rubbish track he was driving in, he could have been dead.

New Loving Home

Scruffy was found riding in the back of a rubbish truck in Newcastle and was luckily spotted by the driver. Certain death awaited the cat who was surely looking for a warm spot. After the driver dropped him off at a vet, Scruffy was checked for any injuries or diseases. Luckily, he had none, and after a short time, it was put up for adoption.

It didn’t take long for Scruffy to find a loving home. He was adopted by a family that loves him to the fullest just like every cat deserves. The new owners said that he’s a darling and that they love his unique whiskers. We love them too and we’re happy that Scruffy had such luck.