Senior Cat Persistently Pawed at Shelter Glass Until She Finally Found Her Forever Home

Sienna’s Journey to Tabby’s Place Cat Sanctuary

At 13 years old, Sienna found herself at Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey, after her owner passed away. She longed for a loving home and would run up to anyone who showed her attention.

shelter cat

Sienna’s Endearing Paw-Waving Captivates the Internet

Sienna became an Internet sensation as she waved her paws up and down her window, trying to capture the attention of potential adopters. Her charming antics touched hearts online.

from shelter to home

A Kind Hearted Human Finally Notices Sienna’s Dance

One day, a compassionate person noticed Sienna’s famous dance, leading to her adoption. Renamed Chloe, she moved into her forever home, where she became the queen of the house.

2 cats on the bad

Chloe’s New Life with Her Loving Family

Chloe now enjoys the love and affection of her human and a new sister, Ella, also rescued at 13 years old. It has been over two years since Chloe’s adoption, and she continues to enrich the lives of her family.

Sienna the cat

Sienna’s, now Chloe’s, inspiring story showcases the power of love and the importance of adopting senior pets. Her unique dance not only won her a forever home but also touched countless hearts worldwide.