Shy Kitten Starts Opening Up When She Realizes She’s In the Right Hands

Cats can be timid and may even be aggressive when they feel threatened. Which is silly because in many cases, people just want to help. Not long ago, a momma cat and her six kittens were brought to a Wichita KS shelter, desperately in need of help. Heidi Shoemaker, a Foster Kitten Mama volunteer, instantly rushed to her help.

She took the cat and kitten in her home, giving the momma space. However, the cat was uneasy. She was very protective of her babies, but obviously very tired.

Day by day passed, and Taylor the momma cat started adapting to her surroundings. She let Heidi pet the kittens as a sign of trust. Thanks to that, she managed to get them to a vet who helped them with some digestive issues. In the end, they got a nice relaxing warm bath while their momma enjoyed some pampering on her own.

Heidi was there to help every step of the way. Taylor was such a great mom to her six boys named after members of iconic boy bands. The kittens have grown and are learning to be independent, which means they’ll soon be put up for adoption. We’re happy that Taylor and her babies were saved on time, or they could have suffered a much worse fate.