Special Drug for Cats May Protect Humans from COVID-19, a Study Finds

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard and scientists have been working 24/7 to find a vaccine or at least a drug that could help with the treatment. Unfortunately, it has all been to no avail so far. However, a recent study on a cat drug has shown promising results when administered to humans infected with the novel coronavirus.

Conducted at the University of Alberta, a study on a drug called GC376 has shown positive results when administered to COVID-19 patients. The drug is originally used to treat feline infectious peritonitis.

The scientist involved in the study say that the drug could potentially help us fight the infection. Wayne Vuong, the leader of the study, says that GC376 is a strong candidate in the treatment of COVID-19 in humans, but there are still trials to be passed before anything can be confirmed. In the study, it managed to block an enzyme produced by the virus which prevents it from reproducing. Even better, the tests showed that it can also stop the virus from replicating.

No side-effects were detected, making GC376 an ideal candidate for human trials. There’s no promise that it works, but at least it lays a solid framework for a potential cure.

Source: www.nature.com