Strange Cat is Abandoned by her Owners, Gets a New Lease on Life as an Instagram Model

People aren’t very fond of the idea of getting cats with tiny disabilities. Just look at Sansa. She’s a 5-year old cat born with heterochromia and an extra toe. Sansa had a home until recently when her owners abandoned her. Luckily, a kind woman found her and helped her find a new purpose in life.

Karen, Sansa’s new owner, made the cat quite the social media star. She doesn’t find the extra toe or differently-colored eyes a big problem. She actually posts pictures of her on Instagram every day at Sansa’s personal account that has (not surprisingly) gone viral.

The extra toes don’t interfere with Sansa’s cat abilities. She can walk well and her parents don’t mind at all. After she was adopted from a shelter, it took a few months for the cat to regain the lost the trust she had for humans. She has since adjusted to her new home, living in a loving apartment with people who would never abandon her.

We love the fact that the cat got a deserved chance at a second life which will be much better than her previous one. You go girl – no one can stop you.