Stray Cat Begs Volunteers To Rescue Her

Some strays are too afraid to ask help from humans, eventually turning feral. Others are a bit more social, and will ask for help when they see the chance. Many organizations are trying to reduce the number of cats on the street, but there are so many strays that it’s hard to do it.

Flatbush Cats, a New York rescue center led by Will Zweigart, is one such organization. He works tirelessly to help cats off the street, always trying to pick them up in the simplest way possible However, recently he came up across a very friendly cat that was begging to be saved. This one was literally asking for food and shelter, and he picked it up the moment he saw it.

The cat wasn’t defensive like others, but he was starving. Will recognized that right away, and realized that someone dumped it on the street. He couldn’t leave it outside in New York’s harsh winter, so he decided to take care of it.

He brought it to the center and named it Bun, giving him a well-deserved meal. Bun was friendly with others too. He would immediately start purring whenever someone came close, and was very playful overall. After a wash and a trip to the vet, Bun took a nap in a warm spot for the first time in years.

He’s doing great a few months later, and Will is hoping to find him a loving new home. Considering how cuddly he is, we think he won’t wait for long.