Stray Cat Casually Walks Out of Bushes, Tells Human He’s Ready to Go Home

Some cats may be timid even if they want to find a loving home, others less so. Recently, Donna, an Ohio based animal rescuer, had a close encounter with a member of the second group. A cat jumped out of the bushes near her home and literally begged to be taken inside. It’s like he told her: “Ok, I’m willing to give this home thing a try. Done being a stray cat”, and we and Donna both think that’s very cute.

His wishes were granted, of course. But, it took some time until they reached that point. Ollie the cat meowed faintly whenever he saw her, coming close but still keeping his distance from Donna. She immediately realized he’s not feral, but let him be until he made the first move.

Not long ago, she called his name, and Ollie jumped through the bushes. He came to her suddenly and asked for some pets, then followed her step by step to her home. Ollie went inside, got a wash and some food, then the next day he was off for neutering. He never complained about anything and seems to enjoy his new surroundings.

It wouldn’t have happened if he remained shy. The poor guy obviously had a few rough nights on the streets, and he made a brave move asking to be adopted. He’s an extremely grateful cat who loved food and snuggling with Donna. Seeing how much he loves people, Donna wished to find him a new forever home.

It didn’t take long to find the perfect match – her pal Joe needed a cat, and he got Ollie a few days later. Joe has befriended many cats in the past, and Ollie fit right in. They immediately kicked things off, and now Ollie is living the best life full of snuggles and pets. Just like any cat should have.