Street Cat Chooses to Abandon His Old Life, Returning to the Woman Who Cared for Him

A Heartwarming Journey: From Street to Sweetheart

The Beginning: A Stray Cat’s Plight

In the bustling city of Montreal, Canada, a stray tomcat embarked on an unexpected journey towards a new life.

Celine Crom, associated with Chatons Orphelins Montréal, first noticed this wandering feline near her home. The cat, visibly hungry and in search of food, maintained a cautious distance. Celine, moved by his condition, began leaving food and water for him daily. She affectionately named him Luckyou. Despite his initial wariness, Luckyou gradually made Celine’s yard his regular dining spot.

The Turning Point: Celine’s Compassionate Intervention

Observing Luckyou closely, Celine realized his struggle to close his mouth properly, indicating a need for medical attention. Determined to help, she set a humane trap, successfully bringing him to a veterinary clinic. The examination revealed Luckyou’s dire state: a filthy, matted coat and a painful mouth infection, exacerbated by dental issues.

At around seven years old, Luckyou tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) – a common plight for many street cats. Despite his fears and unfamiliarity with human contact, his journey towards healing had begun.

Transformation and Hope: Luckyou’s New Chapter

Post-surgery, Luckyou’s charm shone through. With most of his teeth gone, his little tongue peeked out, adding to his endearing personality. His recovery included removing painful knots in his fur, allowing him to rest comfortably. Celine shared with Love Meow, “He hardly has any teeth left, and his little tongue sticks out now, which adds to his charm.”

Luckyou’s transformation continued in his foster home, where his timid nature gave way to a loving, purring companion, eager for affection and treats. His favorite activities now include enjoying food and seeking attention, often showing his happiness with a tongue-out purr.

In this heartwarming video, witness Luckyou’s remarkable progress: from his initial hesitance to his blossoming curiosity and calm demeanor.

His foster family adores him, and he’s now on the lookout for a forever home where he can continue to thrive and spread joy. Luckyou’s journey is a testament to the power of kindness and the resilience of the feline spirit.