Tiny Malnourished Kitty with a Bad Eye Infection Blooms Into a Cutie

Every cat deserves a chance. Strays on the street are rarely given a chance unless good Samaritans save them. It truly breaks our hearts to see animals get hurt or sick, but that’s a reality we have to face. Many of these stories have a happy end, and that’s the case with the one today.

The tiny kitty you see on the pics was found malnourished, with a nasty eye infection, and small size. It was in real danger unless it was saved, and luckily for her, Nikki Martinez came to the rescue. Martinez has been a foster mom to many kittens before and she made it her mission to help Sugarbug. That’s what she named the tiny Siamese she found alone outside.

Sugarbug was so tiny that it was hard for her to eat on her own. Nikki fed her around the clock with a syringe, and she needed proper medical attention for that eye infection. It was touch and go for a while, but Nikki was determined to save the poor soul.

After around 4 days, Sugarbug was feeling much better. She started gaining weight too. The kitten ate by itself and was in a fun mood. Day by day she made strides, and after a few weeks, she blossomed into a beautiful butterfly.

This wouldn’t have happened without Nikki’s help. We salute her and hope that others will use her kindness as an example. The world definitely needs more people like Nikki Martinez.