Streetwise Cat and Her 8 Kittens Find Indoor Haven After a Lifetime Outdoors

A New Beginning: Celeste’s Journey from Street to Sweet Home

The Rescue: A Calico’s Leap to Safety

In early September, a wandering calico cat and her three young kittens, only months old, were discovered outside. They were soon brought to Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals, marking the start of a new chapter in their lives. This calico, used to the harsh life outdoors, was not only nurturing her kittens but was also pregnant with another litter. Her life on the streets had been tough. Angela Su, a dedicated foster volunteer, recalled how the calico arrived infested with fleas, a stark sign of her challenging existence.

The Miracle of Motherhood: Eight New Lives

Shortly after being rescued, the calico went into labor, giving birth to eight kittens in a safe, warm environment, a stark contrast to the unpredictable outdoors. While her older kittens were swiftly prepared for adoption, this remarkable mother needed a nurturing space to care for her demanding new litter. Angela stepped in, offering the family of nine a cozy room.

Named Celeste, the calico experienced indoor living for the first time, along with her adorable kittens – Drizzle, Sunny, Breeze, Moon, Cloud, Rain, Twinkle, and Storm. Adapting to this new life wasn’t easy for Celeste, who had been accustomed to the uncertainties of outdoor life.

A Heartwarming Transformation

In her new foster home, Celeste, along with her soft bed and an unlimited food supply, slowly began to unwind and trust her human companion. Feeding eight kittens was no small feat, but Celeste proved to be a loving and patient mother. She dedicated hours to nursing and caring for her little ones, even enjoying her meals in bed while tending to them. Gradually, Celeste emerged from her shell, seeking affection and comfort, a luxury she hadn’t known in her life as a stray.

Celeste’s kittens, each unique in their way, were thriving and growing rapidly. At nearly three weeks old, their curious nature was coming to light, and they started to explore their new world. Some were born with distinctive short, curled tails, while others displayed spirited sass.

They relied heavily on their sense of smell and often responded with instinctive hisses to unfamiliar scents. As they grew stronger, their adventurous spirits led them to new discoveries around their foster home.

Once they are ready, these kittens will embark on their own journeys, and Celeste, after years of hard street life and multiple litters, will finally get the chance to be the center of attention in a loving forever home. Her transformation from a streetwise survivor to a cherished indoor cat marks a heartwarming turn in her life story, filled with love, care, and the comfort of a forever home.