Sweet Kitten Loves to Travel Around After Being Rescued by a Kind Woman

While cats may come as cold and heartless, many of them can be loving and take nothing for granted. Some are very grateful about the opportunity for a normal life, just like the kitten in this story.

Pics of it were posted online – the kitten was a bit sick and it needed medical attention before being adopted. Luckily, a rescuer named Audrey from the Murphy’s Safe Haven shelter saw the post and instantly rushed to help.

A Real Challenge

After being inspected by the shelter’s vets, it was discovered that the kitten suffered from cerebellar hypoplasia. It’s a difficult neurological condition that left him unable to walk. The kitten was falling all the time, but didn’t know why. It was a sad sight to see.

Audrey didn’t give up on him. She named the kitten Oink and gave it a bath. Despite his tiny size and health problems, it was very enthusiastic and lively. Oink gobbled every food that came its way. It also required constant attention and couldn’t separate himself from Audrey.

The kitten love being around people and animals, and even has a pet rat. They bring a lot of joy to the shelter. At the moment, Oink is spending time with a foster mom and doing well. He loves travelling! No matter where she goes, he insists on going along. In the times between short or long trips, he loves to cuddle with his foster mom.

He’s a great kitten and we love that Audrey didn’t give up on him. She promises he’ll have the best life possible, and with a loving family, he certainly will.