The Cutest 20-Second Timelapse of a Maine Coon Growing Up

Aren’t tiny newborn kitties the cutest thing you’ve seen? There’s only one problem with it – they grow up so fast. Cats reach adulthood in around 6 months and learn to hunt around that age as well. They grow much faster than us, becoming adults before we know it.

Warren Photographic is quite a popular studio on Instagram – it already has around 20k followers. The studio recently went viral online after releasing a short, 20-second timelapse video that shows a tiny Maine Coon called Freya “growing up” before your eyes. The timelapse shows Freya as a newborn kitty and 10-month old kitten all in under 30 seconds.

You can see the cutie opening its eyes for the first time and turn to a beautiful cat. Here, enjoy the video – don’t let us spoil it for you.