Stray Cat Enters a Live Studio News Broadcast and Finds a Warm Spot to Nap On

A few weeks ago, Kudret Celebiogly was presenting the news on his morning show just like he does every day. However, he had no idea that there was an uninvited guest in the studio. A stray cat found a way into it without anyone noticing, wandering onto the live news broadcast.

It wasn’t there to cause any trouble – it was just looking for a place to nap. Like all cats do, it jumped onto Kudret’s laptop. As soon as the unaware presenter saw the cat, he presented his guest to the public and tried to play it as cool as possible. He even suggested that people should help stray cats stay warm in the cold weather and open their doors for him.

The kind-hearted TV figure made the cat feel welcome in the studio and it seemed more than happy to cuddle and stay. The staff from the show played with it after the episode ended, naming the kitty Husnu. As it turns out, that was Husnu’s lucky day. One of the TV station employees fell in love with the kitty and decided to adopt him.

We’re just not sure if Husnu planned for this or it was totally out of the blue. Either way, it was his lucky day.