The Internet Trolls Take a Woman Down Once She Blasted a Store for Keeping a Kitten Inside

Some people are so cruel. Animals deserve to have a warm home and be treated well, but some are not so lucky. In New York City, bodega cats are pretty common – some would say they’re the treasure of the city. But, it seems that not all NYC residents are on board with the idea. Luckily, there are many who regard the cats part of the local scene, like the ones who run the special Instagram profile that celebrates NYC bodega cats.

Of course, bodega cats are not for everyone. Most people love them, but others will hate them. One woman that shopped in a bodega in NYC recently left the owner a negative review online, being furious about the cat perched on top of a Budweiser cat. She was allergic to cats, but also wondered what the health code says about it.

What she didn’t know is that there’s an army of cat fans online. She didn’t realize she’d be trolled to death (not literally) by the host of cat fans, and learned it the hard way. Once she posted the comment on S.K. Deli Market’s profile page, the Internet went nuts.

She was shared on Twitter where thousands of people bashed her. Not one supported her thoughts, and some were pretty cruel.

While cats aren’t allowed in bodegas, owners keep them around to keep the rodent population in control. The fine for keeping a cat inside a bodega is up to $2,000, but as one owner said, it’s far costlier to let rats take over. He’s right.